Talkin’ Loud And Sayin’ Nothing

‘Al Murray’s Sunday radio show on 5Live has a running gag called ‘Not News’ where he reads out items that have been splashed all over the media but aren’t in the least surprising. Kerry Katona puts on weight, the banks make lots of money, Kerry Katona loses weight or, to be topical, Camilla wearing a ghastly hat. Feel free to shout out the ‘not news’ catchphrase after every paragraph in this piece. Spurs have been filling the blogs and boards but frankly, nothing’s happened.

We haven’t bought a decent Belgian centre half. This has caused many to castigate Levy, become disillusioned with the direction the club is taking and so turn to synchronised swimming or korfball. On the basis of no accurate information but hey. Ledley King hasn’t been released or retired. He may have to, but talks are continuing. No obituaries to write yet. Redknapp was definitely certainly 100% ITKdonedeal leaving last Friday but guess what. So much fuss, so many meaningful interpretations. Churlish then for me to point out that what has happened is nothing. 

And as we’re talking about nothing, Harry Redknapp has been on SSN again. The station of 24 hour rolling nothingness stuck a mic in front of him and like Pavlov’s dog, HR obliged. When I started this blog 3 years ago, I determined not to focus unduly on Redknapp. I always felt he was flim flam in front of the media. To prove the point, I began a page dedicated to his quotes but I soon gave it up because, one, there was so much of it I couldn’t possibly keep up without leaving work to concentrate on this endeavour full-time, and two, it merely proved what I already knew – he contradicts himself all the time.

He and I reached an accommodation – he doesn’t think too much about what he says so I don’t take very much notice. It works well for both of us. He’s not complained at any rate. Sometimes, however, it’s worth dwelling not so much on what he says but why. The best recent example was his blathering after the Norwich debacle where his decidedly odd comments about picking a team and formation he knew was wrong revealed a manager coming to terms with the stark reality that he’d lost his way. Yesterday, he said something about the Champions League being ‘overrated’. Critics have seized on this as proof, or in their eyes further proof, that he has no ambition but honestly, it’s just stuff that he says. He was actually talking about inflated salaries: players cite their ambition to play in the CL as a reason to move whereas in fact they merely want more cash, any excuse. Naively perhaps, I like to think there’s something of the football purist in him, that he wants players to see the best opportunities measured by the game itself rather than their bank balance. Mainly, though, there’s the bitterness and resentment of a manager who sees his best players tempted by something Spurs cannot and will not offer. The CL has nothing to do with it: we can’t afford the money so we don’t pay. If anything, it’s about ambition thwarted.

More revealing are his comments about his contract. He’s thinking of the club first and foremost. Not signing a new deal unsettles the players because there’s only a year to run. Of course a couple of months ago he dismissed any suggestion that the possibility of him becoming England manager was unsettling those same players but this is Redknapp, just stuff he says. He adds that you wouldn’t let a player’s contract run down to the last year but the comparison is spurious because players command a transfer fee.

It’s not about the club, it’s about him. He wants Levy to sort him out something sweet and is prepared go on TV even though his chairman is sitting shiva for his late mother. Allegedly he’s hired Paul Stretford, Wayne Rooney’s agent. Now this is significant. Stretford is not the most popular man, according to many media reports. By encouraging his main client to agitate for a transfer, he unleashed a torrent of abuse from the fans, a risky strategy but one that paid off, handsomely in fact as Rooney luxuriated in a new contract.

This has all the same hallmarks: Redknapp has upped the stakes, suspiciously at the behest of his advisor. Not necessarily a good call: HR doesn’t deserve to be sacked but he’s not indispensible. I’m all in favour of continuity but Redknapp has had three years, a fourth is right then let’s see where we are. If he attracts the right players and keep what we have, there’s plenty for a new man to work with 12 months down the line.

As I said last month, Levy has put Spurs into the right position. He shouldn’t tie us down to a long-term contract for a man who should have more time but not an indefinite amount and who is nearing the end of his career. Other clubs, notably Liverpool recently and Newcastle after Allardyce and entourage left, have fallen into that trap and paid out millions in compensation when their man has failed. Like any good businessman, Levy has given himself options.

Redknapp should be committed to stay because we have a fine team and a great club. Oh, and at over £4m a year he’s one of the best paid managers in the world. Put all that together, that’s motivation enough. He’d say as much to any of his squad. Redknapp stopped short of ‘back me or sack me’ but the Sun at least has called it ‘war’ between manager and chairman while the Times reiterates the story of the board’s fury at Harry taking his eye off the ball at the end of last season. Levy has backed him – no knee-jerk reaction and money for new players. Redknapp will never shut up so I’m back to ignoring him. Levy’s done right by the club and that’s all that needs to be said.



    Whether it ‘Not news’ or whatever… it needs to be sorted. I think Levy and HR will come to an agreement (if they have not done so already) when Levy returns from the US. I think the bottom line is that both Spurs and HR have very few viable options apart from each other. COYS

    • Connor

      I think the writer of the above article is right and I think you’re right.I hope so. Spurs fans are raging with poorly thought through indignation.Unless there is an astounding as yet unannounced plan B, a world beater of a manager who is waiting for Levy to return so that the managerial deal of the century can be sealed,there are no viable alternatives to take Spurs to the next level.Harry is the man to do that,and I totally believe he will.

  2. Spursman

    Sad really. When we got fourth for the first time in Premier League history and achieved CL football for the first time, he could have walked on water in most fans’ eyes. Now the overwhelming suggestion seems to be to sack him for finishing 4th again. Has he REALLY been backed in the transfer market apart from his first season here when his objective was to keep us in the league? Total outlay of £5M last summer, nowt last transfer window, £9M 2 summers ago and yet he still got us 4th. Why doesn’t the board back him, say “Here’s £30M plus whatever from outgoings for you, get us CL again within 2 years or bye bye”. Does nobody remember the years when a draw against Arsenal was a good result with a team consisting of utter shit like Keller, Doherty, Young, Thatcher, Leonhardsen, Acimovic, Toda, Iversen? Of when the top 4 were set in stone each season? Shame the abuse Redknapp gets really. If he gets sacked and we get another shite manager who does nothing (Juande Ramos), fans will probably start saying how good things were under Redknapp. I do think if his name was Henri Rougenape’ he would probably get a lot more respect.

    • IKnowAlanGilzean

      But we don’t have Thatcher, Young et al now. We have top players now and he should be judged on them not Toda or Leonhardson. Harry and the team have blown very good opportunities to qualify for the CL in the last two seasons. That’s the new benchmark for Spurs. This year 3rd was what was needed, it should have been done and dusted. He loves the praise; he should accept warranted, imo, criticism of the run ins in the last two seasons. He might even take on board the lessons of the last two seasons and look to change his approach. But I fear Harry’s complacent and I think Levy should think very hard about giving him another contract. In terms of moving forward and getting the best out of a very talented squad, Harry’s as much the problem as the solution.

      I think the spend issue is interesting. I have no way of knowing this of course, but I reckon Harry is frightened of spending really big, more than Levy not making funds available. Levy has made high investment on players available at other times.

      Also, for all the duck out of water side to Ramos’ tenure at Spurs he masterminded winning a us a trophy ( you could perhaps kindly juxtapose Ramos’s Spurs vs Chelsea and Redknapp’s Spurs vs Chelsea at Wemley in 2008 and 2012) so he did something at least. Ramos is a much better coach/manager than Redknapp and has won 2 UEFA Cups and achieved top 3 finishes in Spain, even if he wasn’t the man for Spurs.

      • My Heart Is White

        So it’s OK if Alex Fergi, throws away a 10 point lead at the top of the table and finishes second to Arsenal or Chelsea or someone some seasons back, everyone thinks he’s a genius. He got another chance and wasn’t sacked by Utd.

        • IKnowAlanGilzean

          We’ve blown up, badly, in the run in in the last two seasons. Maybe he’ll learn this time then. I’m not sure comparisons between Fergie at Man Utd and Harry at Spurs are appropriate or indeed advisable for Harry’s supporters…

          I accept the the grass is always greener, careful what you wish for riders, but one needs to be careful of complacency and settling. Harry and Spurs have done well, could we have done better? We were/are right in the mix these past two seasons and I feel we should have made more of the opportunities. I’m happy for Harry to start another year, but not in favour of giving him a 3 yr deal at this stage.

          Spurs have never had it so good? I’m more of the persuasion that Harry has never had it so good.

          • Alan

            The club need to invest in top quality players. At the moment it’s less about backing Harry and more about the short and long term future of the club. Players who have enough experience to contribute quickly but have value in that they are young enough to mature and develop. Whoever is manager can do something with that.

            Regards, Al

    • Anonymous

      We won a cup under ramos and when he did not win in so many games he got the sack and under harry this year we got 2 points in 9 games and he still remains and the dirty face wants another contract .

    • Twitch

      Drawing was a good result vs Arsenal and he didn’t even achieve that!

      It’s not that he’s English it’s that he’s a complete twat, up himself, contradictory and a media Hoare.

      It’s like even Spurs fans begrudge someone one like that success, and it’s bad for the clubs soul!

    • St Alban Spur!

      Maybe he is right,and maybe he makes some salient points too.However unlike Ramos,redknapp has never won a trophy with us,and can’t ever seeing him doing so.He won’t ever beat the top coaches as he isn’t capable of that.Not even mentioning the disaster from february onwards which matches the season before,so what’s changed then???


    Apparently HR wants 3 years, Levy is prepared to offer a 1 year rolling contract. The solution? just meet half way, sign a 2 year contract and get on with it..

  4. Matt J

    This a really well written and thoughtfull article. Makes a nice change from some of the meaningless nonsense some of our fellow spurs fans write. Thank you!

  5. The Tottinghams

    I can’t forgive him for this. Just way too much selfishness on show.

    I can’t forgive his lack of tactics

    I can’t forgive his lack of coaching

    I can’t forgive his lack of awareness of our competition

    I can’t forgive his lack of self awareness

    I can’t forgive his lack of Ppreciation for club or fan

    There are very many things which I can’t forgive. I want him away from Spurs completely

    • Alan

      Should be clear by now that I’m not fighting at the barricades to defend the man but in the interests of fairness, many of these so-called qualities are part of the Harry blather I steer clear of. I’d ignore the stuff about no tactics, coaching, opposition etc. I do think there were more problems after the court case than we are aware of and he took his eye off the ball.

      Regards, Al

  6. IKnowAlanGilzean

    I meant:

    you could perhaps unkindly juxtapose Ramos’s Spurs vs Chelsea and Redknapp’s Spurs vs Chelsea at Wembley in 2008 and 2012)

  7. ColinSC

    Harry didn’t win anything .. the players do … If he doesn’t allow us to win i.e put a non scoring midfielder on instead of a prolifically scoring striker then he becomes a liability (as at Villa this year). I am careful what I wish for, I want continuity. We do not have that even with him even under contract .. we have had court cases, heart stints, him happy to jump ship to various other teams, and all manner of other Harry distractions.
    I wish for a manager that works hard on youth players development, fringe players development,rotation of squad, team injury management and overall team development? We have a team divided into two halves and players that play all the time in one camp and the rest that want to go. We cannot have the depth we need to play in major tournaments under Harry. I wish for someone to step in like De Matteo did a Cheatski and seem to do everything right surely that’s not too much for a Spurs fan to wish for after all managers are paid well to do all this?

  8. Ashley Collie

    Dear Alan, you said you were ignoring him, lol, then spent the very well written piece not ignoring him, then went back to saying you were ignoring him. As some may well say, kind of like our ‘Arry, n’est-ce pas? Anyway, what will be will be, but be careful what we wish for. You know who out, then new manager in, but when we don’t get top-4 (big possibility next season), it’ll soon be new manager out (what a tw*t, what a c**t! etc), and we’ll be back to musical chairs (Francis, Graham, Hoddle, Pleat, Santini, Jol, Ramos, Redknapp, new guy, then next guy) and we’ll be back down in our rightful position given stadium capacity and revenue. So be careful what we wish for — mid-table mediocrity could well be eyeing us again! PS Tonight the LA Kings can become the best Canadian hockey team outside of Canada and win The Stanley Cup for the first time! Could be a huge partay downtown LA under the palms outside Staples Center — even Becks may turn up there!

    • Connor

      Without a shadow of doubt,if Harry goes ,all Spurs have achieved under him will go with him. I like nostalgia as much as anybody but I’m sort of forward looking with my football and I’m not keen to revert to the bad old days again.
      Letting him leave or sacking him without a strong plan B to take us to the the next level,is Levy or the board ,cutting their noses to spite their faces. Nobody wins.I just wonder how much of this is the press shit stirring things yet again,and hoping to get the reaction they want so they have something to write about.They love to incite.
      Without meaning to state the bleedin obvious,most of what went on with Harry this season just gone,were things beyond his control and out of his hands,and thats just a stone cold fact.

      • Ashley Collie

        Well put, Connor, mate! The old in/out (Tottenham’s way) and be careful what we wish for. Since start of Premiership, we’ve had 16 managers including caretakers in 20 seasons, I believe — 1992 Doug Livermore; 1993 Osvaldo Ardiles; 1994 Steve Perryman (C); 1994 Gerry Francis; 1997 Chris Hughton (C); 1997 Christian Gross; 1998 David Pleat (C); 1998 George Graham; 2001 David Pleat (C); 2001 Glenn Hoddle; 2003 David Pleat (C); 2004 Jacques Santini; 2004 Martin Jol; 2007 Clive Allen (C); 2007 Juande Ramos; 2008 HR — and which full time manager has the best winning Premiership record with 48.28% for us?

    • Alan

      You’ve rumbled me, Ashley, no one else has so keep it to yourself next time, huh? ;) Take care, Al

  9. Bazza

    A typically sensible and rational piece Alan and a welcome contrast to the litany of knee-jerk anti-Harry stuff on the net just now. Like you I find myself torn and unsure of what I want.
    I think on balance I’d like Harry to stay at least for another year, as it’s probably the least worst option but, one way or another, things have to be resolved soon if we’re not to self-destruct as a club again.
    One thing is for sure, the warmth I used to feel for Harry as a sort of loveable Cockney rogue – Del Boy, if you like – has long since given way to the realisation that his media persona is very far from accurate.
    I now have little affection for Harry; I just want him to do what’s best for my club, although I suspect he will always do what’s best for him.

    • Alan

      Thanks, and pretty much how see things too. Club first, and we have the club’s best interests at heart.

      Regards, Al

  10. JC

    If its the players that win things and the manager is tangential then surely Redknapp cannot be to blame for the problems during the England debacle. Cannot have it both ways. Cannot say that plan A is down to the players but the failing plan B is just down to him. Redknapp has many flaws, but changing manager is a MASSIVE risk. I’m not even going to bother listing examples, just look around. Seriously, think carefully. Our options are probably Martinez or Moyes they are far from certain to leave their long term projects to join us…and neither has “top 4″ experience. The team is great and playing well, why risk it?

    • ColinSC

      JC the players do win the games . if the coach plays them. Changing a manager that plays the wrong players i,e Parker instead of Defoe at Villa is risk mitigation not taking a risk. Playing Bale on the wrong side .. not rotating squad, and a a result the team being too tired for the run in. having no actual idea of tactics.. never taking any responsibility for bad choices yet blaming everybody else (Including us the THFC fan base).
      Changing a manager during a break is also better than mid season like he might have had he got the England coaching job. This way a new coach can work with the whole squad and possibly bring in reinforcements, again risk mitigation.
      Our striker options are almost nil at the moment. He has given Defoe hardly any time so he might leave (great man management there) played Saha more at the end of the season (who was useless), thought VDV was a striker (which he isn’t). Ade has always been too expensive for us (which is highly unlikely to change) and we sold Pav (thankfully). So at the moment we have the potential of not having any strikers next season through mis-management and lack of tactical rotation. At best we are going to lack depth in options up front. All in all I think it is more of a risk keeping Rednapp.

  11. alf@alf.alf

    For me the decision to want to keep Harry is easy. We play better football than for years and 4th, 5th, 4th plus two three Wembley visits and a CL QF is the giddy heights of success comapred to the last 20 years.
    But apparently for THFC it is complicated. Don’t really get why. But they got to make a decision and soon. Don’t want this dragging on into pre season, too much to do before too.
    If you want him give him a new contract. If not kick him to the kerb. Decision time.

    • Alan

      I used to be alfalf in CM2001-2. Took Preston to the Prem, Fact. You are an imposter.

      Thanks for posting Regards, Al

  12. Gus

    One way or another this has to be sorted. I don’t think Harry will get a longterm deal (rightly so) but he is still in a great job so why shouldn’t he have to let his results next season dictate his future? If he is out then let’s get on with finding a new manager, after the Ramos experience preferably one already proven in the EPL like Moyes or Martinez. But do it quick to minimise disruption

  13. Mal Costelloe

    I understand the sentiment behind, better the devil you know, and the ideal that redknapp deserves another year given what we have done with him at the helm.

    However, redknapp is not a tactician however many managers in the prem are and two of them have moved to bigger clubs respectively, liverpool and villa. Last season both those clubs worked out how to survive against us in the second game, given that it is a given that the second season syndrome is well known in football and the prem in general, I suspect that with redknapp in charge next season we may be lucky to get 6th. then the exedus will truely begin.
    And we shall be up S**t creek with, not only, no paddle but also a totally self centered rudder.

    I believe it is time for harry to leave and the nasty side of me would like him to be put on Gardening Leave, with it made plain that if he wants to work again within the year he shuts the f**k up till his suitors pay up to employ him.

    My more compasionate side says pay him up and say thanks very much for all you have managed.

  14. BelgianSpur

    Harry did a nice job getting us where we are but he will not make us any better anymore, which should be possible with the current set of players and 3 good signings. He is relying to much on what he has achieved and doesn’t seem focused on what he still has to achieve. He made a set of very poor decisions as a manager since January (letting useful squad players leave (on loan), no adaptation of tactics when opponents started to find us out, poor media handling, losing focus with the England job, no squad rotation at all,…). I would like to see him leave and being replaced by a high profile manager like Van Gaal. The other option would be not to offer him a new contract by now and promise him a new (better) contract if he gets us CL football next year…

    • Connor

      I love it when people throw out names like Van Gaal,Mourinho,etc.LIke these people are sitting at home ,waiting with baited breath for Levy to call them.
      I’d like to date Cameron Diaz,and Penelope Cruz ,but that doesn’t mean I’ve got any chance of them going out with me .Know what I mean?

      • BelgianSpur

        I cannot imagine Mourinho or Guardiola coming. Van Gaal was director of football at Ajax last season, Ajax is not exactly Barcelona…

      • Alan

        This is another issue – if he goes, a good chairman has a replacement lined up. Not sure who’s going to come.

  15. IKnowAlanGilzean

    Van Gaal was reportedly tempted by Liverpool. We could reasonably be expected to tempt him; he’d likely be cheaper than 2 from 8 Harry, too

  16. JimmyG2

    Rolling one year contract seems sensible to me. But Harry won’t wear it
    which will probably suit Levy fine as he was probably all geared up
    to finding a new manager and possibly a DOF or general manager too.
    Harry was left very exposed this season when he was under a lot of strain and a system where more of the responsibility was shared would have helped.
    Not that Harry would have accepted that sensible system either.

    • Alan

      Jim, do you think Harry’s tired? Had enough of the pressure and wants some easy money? He was under massive strain. Wrote about that – sure, managers are paid to take it but he’s only flesh and blood.

      Regards, Al

      • Ashley Collie

        Alan, I hope he does what’s best for him, his health and family. Spurs will survive. You know what, we’d all do the same. We’d all be bloodless mercenaries in the same position, players or manager. So enough crap about his self-serving, that’s being human. I’d be self-serving if I was in that position. I ain’t no Mother Teresa or Steve Perryman! I’ve never taken seriously what he says about running about, tactics — I have friends over your way who know HR and say he is an absolute student of the game, but he can only play with what he’s got like Crouch before we had Manu on loan, but he still managed 4-5-4 with lowest amount spent in Premiership by Mr. Levy in last two windows — the talk, that’s him being a Cockney. Venables and Jimmy Greaves was/is like that. I have a sense that with the heart surgery, tax trial, England thing, that he may well have had it up to here. If so I wish him well. But Top-6 is staring us smack in the face with a new manager, turnover in players (including those who will leave if he exits stage left), and another new dawn. A veteran UK journalist pal has been saying this for two years, that we may well look back on 4-5-4 and CL QFs as mini-golden years in retrospect. He came, he saw…he walked! :)

        • Mal Costelloe

          Ashley, It’s not a question of what’s been but what’s next, in terms of positions!! Redknapp has shown he is not able to make ‘in game’ changes not once or twice but consistently ,the latest of which cost us the CL this year when he replaced VDV with Parker and not Defoe, settling for one point when three was their for the taking. Villa were not pressing they were holding on for dear life, one point was enough for them, redknapp should of brought defoe on and if villa then at any point started to change their game plan, parker could come on. However redknapp played for safety. Which is not the spurs way.

          Redknapp, likes his teams to play attacking football, till the going gets tough, then he is unable or unwilling to use all his resources, if that makes him a tactician then Bill Nick must of walked on water, the best laugh though is redknapp only playing with what he’s got so why has he not used the squad to it’s full potential, Why did he let good young players go out on loan in january and replace them with two old players who were basically busted flushes, but who were capable in redknapps eyes of propelling us to the top of the premiership and whom he hardly used. Thats seems rather strange for such a student of the game.

          He has got 4-5-4 but this is the best squad we have had for decades and he consistently talks about 4th being the best we can expect 24hrs after saying CL is a must, after saying a week or two earlier that we would win the league. And to say that is being a Cockney is, frankly, a slight to all of us born within the sound of Bow Bells!

          Of course getting a new guy in is fraught with difficulties,It seems to me though that the difficulties of keeping a broken rudder are likely to be much more catastrophic, especially as Redknapp is only concered about Redknapp and doesn’t give a fig about the club, the supporters or even the players who he doesn’t like.

          Ashley, you may say that is normal behaviour, but is that how you behave or expect your friends / family to behave so why settle for him to be like that or are all cockneys just like that??

          • Ashley Collie

            We have to agree to disagree Mal on most of your points including loans (Corluka begged to go and none of those others loaned out in Jan like Bassong were going to help us — we have a painfully thin squad in terms of talent beyond top 15) substitutions, tactics, etc. But I give you kudos for not making mean-spirited, vile comments about the man. Even though we emigrated here to weird wonderful Kali-fornia, I have a number of Cockney relations (including an uncle in Dollis Hill who was in the Greavsie mold) love them all. But three of my fave Spurs characters, Greavsie/Venners/Aitch, do have that gift of the gab, and I take it as pure entertainment. What I fear is that no matter who we have next year, top-6 may be our best bet with Blues and Pool pulling out the extra bucks, and can you imagine the crap that could be laid on the new guy (or even HR for that matter if he stays) when 4-5-4 becomes 6 or worse. Until that new stadium is built…COYS! PS I picked Spurs to get fourth and won some money in Vegas on it! I’ll bet again this year and I wouldn’t bet against me being right again.

            • Ashley Collie

              Sorry Mal, I looked over your post again and I so totally disagree with nearly everything you mentioned about tactics, squad strength, and even that Villa game. But as a writer, who has covered pro sports (along with celebs and politics/biz) for most of my life, I find it fascinating how people can see the same thing completely differently. I bumped into a young lady at a store last weekend, literally, very pretty and she’s a budding writer. Anyway, last night she FB’s me and I mention that I have a new script that could get to Gerard Butler (among others) and she says he’s an a-hole. Ironically, that very day I had tea with another lady and we were talking about Gerard (and getting my project to him), and both she and her mum love the Scotsman and would be scandalized to hear that someone else thinks him an a-hole. Personally, if he likes my script, I could care less what he does in his personal life. As Alan and others (some of whom spout awful, almost libelous epithets and bile about HR — BTW, one day, someone is going to be sued for libel on the Net, watch for it) know I tend to see the positive in most events. There’s a lot of self-loathing on the Net and unfortunately it manifests itself in saying hateful things about others without any fear of retribution (until that first libel suit hits). So I’ll be nice and say, keep up the love of our Spurs. Nice to chat, mate!

              • Mal Costelloe

                Ashley I guess niether of us is totally right or even more than partially wrong, and claiming experience in one field or another hardly justifies our own opinions, although our opinions are influenced by our experience, As for not caring what people do in their private life, i guess it depends on how public they make their ‘private life’, As a Zen student, my teacher tells me that all our actions are guided by love, and that mass murderers are guided by deluded love and as we are all deluded about reality we should be more compassionate toward them. which is to say we should attempt to enable them to be more compassionate. As for the squad issue may I make one point…
                Well I guess I will…. corluka begged to go because he wasn’t getting a game, and as we played plenty of teams that parked the bus I gues he may of been able to play, otherwise why have a squad, And I find it hard to believe that a player who played so well when he first arrived, Bassong, loses any skill via not playing but does lose confience and he is certainly a better ‘bet’ than Nelsen and what about Townsend or maybe we didn’t need another winger when lennon was injured and we ended up playing modric on the left.

    • Harvey The Hudd

      Harry’s reluctance/refusal to accept a rolling one year contract speaks volumes about his character, in particular his tendency towards self-denial (which was there for all to see during our horrendous run last season).
      I doubt Levy will yield so it may be the end of the road at the Lane for our loveable loose cannon.
      I’d take Van Gaal, Rijkaard or Martinez.

  17. TMWNN

    I’d be interested to know what the ‘careful what you wish for’ brigade thought about the sacking of Jol, which led to Ramos (and our only trophy in Levy’s 11 year tenure) and all our current “success” with Redknapp.

    I wonder if City regret changing their manager, or Scumski sacking AVB. Of course, a change of manager doesn’t guarantee success, but nor does sticking with one for stability’s sake, especially when the manager concerned appears to have hit his level of incompetence, and has revealed himself as the odious little toad some had warned him to be.

    A lot of the comments here are far too pragmatic and wishy washy. The situation requires decisive action; back him or sack him. This rolling 1 year contract nonsense is a far too dangerous route to go down for somone who holds themself in such high esteem. It’s neither here nor there and will breed contempt.

    I believe that Redknapp wants paying off. To wash my hands of the grubby little fellow once and for all, that’s exactly what I’d do.

    Perhaps Levy is waiting for someone daft enough to come in and take him of our hands so no pay off is required. If that’s the case, I wish they’d hurry up and make their move. Or should I be careful what I wish for?

    • Connor

      You can deride the “careful what you wish for brigade” all you like,but that doesn’t make that expression null and void.I’m sorry but your using City as an example is a terrible one..and Chelsea even more laughable.What if we wind up with AVB? You’ll be choking on your words mate.Gagging. And ( god forbid) I’ve heard it being talked about quite seriously by that American/Italian guy on Talk Sport ( his name espcapes me) and others.
      The “grubby little fellow ” might not meet up to your standards as a human being and thats down to you and your god,but Spurs have won more games under him than any other manager in recent history and thats the bottom line.So unless Levy has a world class manager ready to show off to the world,once he disposes of your grubby little man,you’d be well advised to be carfeul what you wish for,because we’ll be going in reverse,and playing musical managers once again.
      The seams on the coat are already starting to unravel.Apparantly we’ve sold Modric to Manure.THAT is totally insane.Spurs are a feeder club for MAnure. If he had to be sold it should have been to the continent,so If this is true ,and I believe it is,god knows what other stupid moves Levy is about to make,and you had better be careful about what you wish for.Your hatred of Harry seems to blinding you to some realities of life I’m afraid.

      • Mal Costelloe

        Connor I don’t know where you got your story about Luca from but if you stop for a minute can I ask you why we would sell Luka for less that we turned down last summer as his contract still has years to run… It would also be worthwhile looking at who is supposed to be offering money, Man Utd, noe fergie works in non too mysterious ways he tmanages to have a chat with players pure and simple and if he wants luka he porbably has had the opportunity to lay out his ideas to him, in much the same way as abramovic did last summer, it is possible that Luka will leave this summer, and I think that would be a poor move for us, however I expect hi to go abroad and not for less then £40m as of last season.
        the euros are happening and the last couple of days were just another part of silly season when certain clubs/managers cast out their bait and nothing else is expected!!

        • Connor

          It’s been all over the press and twitter.Of course that doesn’t make it so,and it is the silly season,but it’s no secret that he wants away, and Man Utd want him.Some guy on Talk Sport was asked about it and he said that it had a high level of probability.Not the fee,but the move.I agree with you,as it goes.Spurs shouldn’t sell him for less than £40 million,and not in a million years to any club in the PL for any amount.
          In the world football,nothing that happens,no matter how much it defies logic, would surprise me,and nothing Levy does would surprise me either.

  18. Ashley Collie

    Sorry, I can’t resist, after all this is a comedy forum right, not to be taken too seriously, right, as it is the funny season, right? To The Man With No Nuts — when you point your vituperative finger and have three pointing back at you, when you look in a mirror, do you see a little toad with grubby little fingers? Well, that explains it.

  19. Mal Costelloe

    Ashley, I have a sense of listening to you with interest, but I must ask what is comedic about your use of vituperative instead in insulting. ‘Shurely’ not oneupmanship, cause that would lower your standing, funny of not!

  20. Ashley Collie

    Mal — “instead (in) insulting” – “shurely” – “funny (of) not” – can I get you a number for grammar and spelling lessons? I hear spellcheck is free! Oh, I’m just having fun, but truth is I don’t quite get what you mean, mate. And as for “The Man With…” it’s in reference to another poster who is so full of bile and vituperation (it goes way beyond mere insulting), that I just have to think him a master of comic sarcasm…or not! He’ll cotton onto the reference and come barging over shortly from the Arry haters’ brigade. Words are my metier, I love to play with them. Stir up stuff, you know, especially about the same old bleats over and over that I read here sometimes. Thanks for chatting! COYS!

  21. Mal Costelloe

    Oh for such a clever man have you never had a ‘private look’. Still my other muestakes were genuine, so I will try to assume your level, mate!
    Firstly I got “The Man With…” just don’t find personal vituperatives very becoming or playful, Too many ‘in’s’, good job I dont drink I suppose, and of course sometimes my o(a)r’s catch a crab, but then you like to play with words, and I just play.
    Still for your interest my background is in oral storytelling, and I often times find grammer to be limiting, though (thanks Theo) I do get that It enables better writen comunication and as was my main I’m off to Zazen for a whilt here at GGF.COYS

  22. TMWNN

    Those who purport to walk the moral high ground tend to stoop the perceived level of those they smugly look down on.

    Ashley, don’t get your knickers in a twist old girl! We wouldn’t want that west coast, happy go lucky image to melt away under the midday heat, would we now? You’re letting me down.
    ‘Words are my metier’. Really? I’d never have a guessed. Yet you have the gall to accuse me of repetition. Unfortunately for you, it’s action that’s required here, not words; namely the sacking of a certain grubby little classless toad who is sullying the great ship THFC.

    Nice chatting with you, mate.

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